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Change Double Hyphens to Em Dashes
Change Ells Used as Ones to Ones
Change Hyphens between Numerals to En Dashes
Change Os Used as Zeroes to Zeroes
Change Raised Text (3 Points) to Superscript
Change Straight Quotation Marks to Curly Ones
Change Underlining to Italics
Cleaning Up All Documents in a Folder
Delete Extraneous Tabs
Delete Spaces around Dashes
Delete Spaces around Returns
FileCleaner Options
Fix Commas and Periods outside Quotation Marks
Fix Punctuation Marks outside Italics
Fix Spacing around Ellipses
Getting a Password
Global Templates
Installing FileCleaner
Other Considerations
Other FileCleaner Files
Put Abbreviations in Small Caps
Registering FileCleaner
Remove Font Formatting
Remove Paragraph Formatting
Remove Style Formatting
Replace Multiple Returns with Single Returns
Replace Multiple Spaces with Single Spaces
Running FileCleaner
Selecting Items to Clean Up
Terms of Agreement
Uninstalling FileCleaner
Using Your Password