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Selecting Items to Clean Up


The program will show you a list of items you might want to clean up, and you can check the ones you want to use. Please note the two boxes at the bottom that allow you to clear or select all the items on the list. Also note that the items will be cleaned up in the order in which they appear on the list. This is important because some items will not be cleaned up correctly unless other items have been cleaned up first. For example, you can't dependably clean up spacing around ellipses without first cleaning up multiple spaces. (Also keep this in mind when cleaning up individual items with the toolbar buttons.)

When you are finished selecting the items you want to clean up, click the OK button. FileCleaner will do the job as you requested. When it is done, it will display a message saying "Finished!" Click “OK,” then review your cleaned-up documents. If you change your mind, go back to the original files.