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Cleaning Up All Documents in a Folder


Before cleaning up all documents in a folder, copy them to a working folder called something like “Copy.” That will leave your original files intact in case something goes wrong. Also, make sure only the files you want to clean up are in the Copy folder. Then you won't inadvertently clean up, say, some press-ready files that you have spent many hours editing and formatting.

In addition, make sure none of the files is protected or read only. FileCleaner cleans up the files and then saves them. If the files are protected or read only, FileCleaner will not work. You may also run into problems if your files need to be converted into Microsoft Word from a different word-processing format. Please make sure all of your files are in Microsoft Word format before running the program.

If you select the option to clean up all the documents in a folder, FileCleaner presents a dialog box that allows you to select the folder to which you have copied the files to be cleaned (leaving your original files safe in their original folder). After you have carefully selected the Copy folder (don’t get the wrong one!), click the OK button or press ENTER to continue.

When FileCleaner is finished and you have looked through the files to be sure they are cleaned up correctly, you can move them from the Copy folder to your original folder.