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Thank you for using FileCleaner for Microsoft Word!

Have you ever wished you could quickly and easily clean up common typographical problems in a manuscript without tediously finding and replacing each one? FileCleaner lets you do just that, replacing double spaces with single spaces, changing double returns to single returns, turning underlining to italic, fixing spacing around ellipses, and so on. FileCleaner will save you hours of time while improving the typographical quality of everything you write or edit.

FileCleaner is especially useful to people who are preparing text for typesetting and are using Microsoft Word as a "front end" for such programs as QuarkXPress, PageMaker, or FrameMaker. Editors and typesetters will find it invaluable, and this documentation is geared primarily to them. FileCleaner is also an excellent tool for desktop or electronic publishing, and writers will appreciate being able to clean up common manuscript problems in one fell swoop.

By using FileCleaner, you accept the Terms of Agreement found at the end of this document. The first time you use FileCleaner, the terms of agreement will appear on your screen. Please read them carefully. If you accept the terms, you will be able to use the program. If not, you will not be able to use it.