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Registering FileCleaner


If you like FileCleaner and plan to continue using it, you should purchase a license to do so. If you don't, your copy of the program is for evaluation purposes only, and it will stop working after 45 days or 1,000 uses, whichever comes first. After you purchase a license to use the program, we'll send you a password that will unlock the program to run without limitation on time or use.

The terms of your license prohibit you from giving your program password to someone else or using it on someone else's computer. However, you may use the password on up to three of your own computers. For example, you could install FileCleaner and use your password on your computer at work, your computer at home, and your laptop. However, you may run the program on only one of your computers at a time. If you need to run the program on more than one computer at a time (for example, for use by a family member or employee), you must purchase another license and get another password for the program. This is the honest and legal thing to do. Besides that, we’re a small company and need your support. Thanks for your cooperation.

Here are the prices for a program license, but these are subject to change without notice:

1 user: $29.95

2-10 users: $19.95

11-49 users: $18.95

50+ users: $17.95