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Stripping Delimited Text to Notes


On occasion, you may encounter documents with notes included as inline text in some kind of delimiters, <<like this.>> You can use NoteStripper to turn such notes into true embedded footnotes or endnotes. Tagged text from typesetting programs—Ventura, for example—often includes delimited notes, as do many public-domain texts available on the Internet. To use this feature:

1. Click the NoteStripper menu.


2. Click “Delimited Text to Notes.”


3. Specify the documents you want to use.


3. In the dialog box, enter the beginning and ending delimiters used with your inline notes. You can use Word’s standard Find codes in these boxes if you need to. For example, you can use ^p to specify a carriage return and ^t to specify a tab.



4. Select footnotes or endnotes.


5. If your document contains more than one section, you can tell the program to restart numbering at 1 in each section. If you don’t select this option, notes will be numbered consecutively throughout the document.


6. Click the “OK” button.