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Stripping Notes to Parenthetical Citations


In some documents you may decide that source citations should appear in parentheses rather than in footnotes or endnotes. In that case, you can use NoteStripper to strip out Word’s embedded notes and place the note text in parentheses where the note references used to be. You can do this with footnotes, endnotes, or both.

To do so:

1. Click the NoteStripper menu at the top of your Word screen.


2. Click “Notes to Parenthetical Text.”


3. Answer the questions on your screen.


Your notes will be converted into parenthetical citations.

After the program is finished, you may want to go through your document to see if some of the citations should be in brackets rather than in parentheses. This would be true if the program placed a parenthetical citation at the end of text that is already in parentheses, or if your notes already contained publication information in parentheses. I’ve provided a program to help you solve this problem. To run the program, click “Check for Nested Parentheses” under the NoteStripper menu. The program will identify the first nested parentheses it sees. Then it will stop so you can fix them. To find more nested parentheses, run the program again. For ease of use, this program is also available from the NoteStripper button bar.