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WordSetter for Microsoft Word

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been editing a book in Microsoft Word and wished that I could also typeset the book in Microsoft Word. Usually the book has hundreds of pages and thousands of footnotes—things that QuarkXPress, PageMaker, and In-Design don’t handle well at all. The problem is that Word doesn’t handle typesetting well, especially adjusting word spacing (which is usually too wide) and inserting crop marks.

Fortunately, WordSetter changes that, making it possible to adjust word spacing, insert crop marks, insert thin spaces, and (on a Macintosh) use ligatures right in Microsoft Word. For me, this means no more setting footnotes by hand in QuarkXPress. It also means I can now do many of my projects completely in Microsoft Word—everything from writing to editing to indexing to typesetting. You can read the complete documentation by clicking here.

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Download WordSetter for Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 (note: spacing preview is not available in Word 2002; spacing adjustment, however, is still functional).


Sorry, Macintosh version for Word 98 or higher is not currently available.

Download WordSetter 2.15 for Microsoft Word 6.

After downloading the program, unzip it using WinZip (PC) or Stuffit Expander (Macintosh or PC). You'll then see the following files: The WordSetter program template. To install the program, open the template in Microsoft Word and double-click the button labeled "Double-Click Here to Install." Then follow the prompts on your screen.

Wordset.doc: The WordSetter documentation in the form of a Word document that has been prepared with the WordSetter program. Read it!

Wordset.chm: The WordSetter documentation in the form of a Windows Help document. Put it into your Windows/Help folder (PC only). A template with lots of styles that you can play around with while using WordSetter. Put it into your Word templates folder.

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Is your evaluation period over? Register WordSetter and make it run forever!

1 user: $29.95.
2-10 users: $19.95 each.
11-49 users: $18.95 each.
50+ users: $17.95 each.

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