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Editing with Editor’s ToolKit


Ordinarily, when I edit a document with Editor’s ToolKit, I follow this procedure:

1. I back up my documents so I’ll have the originals to go back to if the need arises.

2. I use the Prepare Documents for Editing feature to run FileCleaner and apply the TYPESPEC template.

3. I apply styles to headings, block quotations, and so on.

4. I use the Prepare Documents for Editing feature to lock pages and turn on revision marking.

5. I edit the documents, using the various features of Editor’s ToolKit and Microsoft Word. I especially use the features that are accessible with the function keys, such as capping and lowercasing words, transposing words and characters, italicizing words, showing and stetting revisions, and so on. The function keys make all of these features a true pleasure to use. (When I’m feeling particularly lazy, however, I use the features on the right mouse button.)

6. I use the Finish Edited Documents feature to unlock pages, turn off revision marking, make revisions permanent, and run NoteStripper and QuarkConverter.

7. I give the finished documents to the typesetter.


For me, Editor’s ToolKit makes editing fast, easy, and efficient. After three years of using it, I can’t imagine working without it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.