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Automatic Installation


To install the program automatically:

1. Open the program template in Microsoft Word by clicking File > Open, selecting the template, and clicking the Open button. Do not open the template by double-clicking it outside of Microsoft Word. If you do, the program will not be installed correctly, and you’ll run into problems later. If Word asks if you want to “enable macros” when using this program, your answer should be yes. Otherwise, the program won’t work. If Word tells you that the macros have been disabled, you’ll need to change your macro security settings in order to use the program. Please see the “Troubleshooting” section of this documentation for further information.

2. Double-click the large button that says “Double-Click here to Install.”


3. Follow the prompts on your screen.


This will install NoteStripper as a global template or add-in. If you elected to have the program start automatically when you start Microsoft Word, the program template will be saved to your Templates and Startup folders. If you elected not to have the program start automatically, it will be saved to your Templates folder.

When the installation is finished, if the NoteStripper template is still open on your screen, close it. You can now discard the installation template or save it as a backup.