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Thank you for using NoteStripper for Microsoft Word!

NoteStripper provides a variety of tools for working with notes. Using NoteStripper, you can:

1. Strip Word’s embedded, automatically numbered footnotes or endnotes to the bottom of a document (or section) as numbered text, replacing the note reference numbers in the text with superscript numbers. (This is especially useful if you need to import a document with notes into a typesetting program, such as QuarkXPress or PageMaker, without losing character formatting, such as italic.) You can also strip them inline with any typesetting codes you specify for use in such programs as Ventura or Kytek’s fXT Quark XTension.


2. Strip text notes at the bottom of a document into embedded footnotes or endnotes.


3. Strip embedded footnotes or endnotes into parenthetical text.


4. Strip parenthetical text into embedded footnotes or endnotes.


NoteStripper also includes various utilities to make working with notes easier.

This version of NoteStripper (3.00) includes several enhancements and fixes over previous versions:

1. The ability to strip notes to or from the ends of sections.


2. The ability to include tags around notes and to strip them inline for use in such typesetting programs as Corel Ventura, TeX, and fXT, with great flexibility in specifying tags and placement.


3. The ability to turn inline, tagged notes into embedded notes.


4. The use of Footnote Reference and Endnote Reference character styles (rather than just superscript) to format note numbers when stripping notes to text.


5. The addition of two new note formats: (1) tag, number, tag (for better number alignment), and (2) en space, number, en space (for traditional typographical alignment).


6. The true deletion of notes that were deleted during editing with Revision Tracking on, which a bug in Word otherwise prevents from being deleted.


7. The preservation of numbers that begin the text of a note (“1999 was a good year . . . ). In previous versions, these were seen as part of the note number being stripped and were thus deleted.


I strongly recommend that you try NoteStripper several times on a variety of test documents until you understand fully how it works and what it can do. Also, before running NoteStripper at any time, be sure to back up your documents. That way, you’ll have something to go back to if you’re not satisfied with the results.

You shouldn’t use this version of NoteStripper with our Editor’s ToolKit Plus program, which includes an earlier version of NoteStripper and may not work properly if you try to use both programs at once. To avoid the problem, just temporarily turn off Editor’s ToolKip Plus.

By using NoteStripper, you accept the terms of agreement found at the end of this document. The first time you run NoteStripper, the terms of agreement will appear on your screen. Please read them carefully. If you accept the terms, you will be able to use the program. If not, you will not be able to use it.