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Editorium Update Newsletter

The Editorium publishes a free email blog and newsletter, Editorium Update, which provides tips about editing, writing, and typesetting in Microsoft Word.

Newsletter Archive

How good is the newsletter? See for yourself! You can read past issues (and learn all kinds of stuff) by clicking here.

What People Are Saying (Unsolicited Comments)

Linda L. Kerby of Mastery Educational Consultations ( wrote:

One of the reasons that your newsletter is so valuable is that it's useful, and it's useful because you pay attention to what people want to use. Simple, but elegant.

Karen L. Bojda ( of Bojda Editorial & Writing Services ( wrote:

Editorium Update is certainly the most useful of the many Word advice resources I read, and I read a lot of them! (And you can quote me on that!) You always come up with very practical but hard-to-discover tips. I learn something I can use from every issue.

Dan A. Wilson (, proprietor of The Editor's DeskTop ( and a Microsoft-certified Ph.D. with 30 years of editing experience, posted this unsolicited comment on the eGroups Freelance list. It's quoted here with his kind permission:

I just read today's issue of Editorium Update, a short weekly bulletin that contains some of the sharpest, most useful tidbits about MS Word I've ever seen. Jack Lyon, the author, does a superb job of presenting expert-level instruction at a level almost any Word user can manage. The Editorium Update is subtitled "Tips for Publishing Professionals Using Microsoft Word."

It occurs to me to recommend to those of you who write or edit in Word that you get a free sub to Editorium Update tout de suite (for the French-challenged, that's *immediately*, pronounced roughly "toot-sweet," at least in Ontario). It's a much better source of really useful instructions than the Word Tips or WordTips Gold bulletins, IMO; YMMV. Jack knows a heckuva lot more about working in Word than I do, and he expresses his knowledge clearly and succinctly.

Those of you who write to me about being intimidated by macros and templates couldn't do better than to start reading Editorium Update once a week. The rest of you, those who are not Word experts (yet), will find this bulletin a godsend every once in a while, and a welcome reminder the rest of the time. Go for it!

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