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Running MultiMacro


To run MultiMacro, follow these steps:

1. Record or write the macro or macros you want to use.

2. List the names of the macros in a Word document, in the order you want to run them, with each name followed by a carriage return. Your list should look something like this:






(Remember to put a carriage return after the last entry.)

Your list should contain nothing but the names of the macros you want to run. It should not contain headings, explanatory notes, and so on. Be sure to save your list for later use, but leave it open as the active document in Microsoft Word.

3. Click the MultiMacro menu at the top your Microsoft Word window.

4. Click “MultiMacro.” (The first time you run MultiMacro, you will see the terms of agreement for using the program. Please read them carefully. If you agree with the terms, you will be able to use the program. If not, you will not be able to use it.)

5. Select the options you want to use. (See “MultiMacro Options,” below.)

6. Click “OK” to continue. (To quit, click "Cancel." After the program has started, you can press the ESCAPE key to stop it and abort what you were doing, but this will probably leave your documents in a half-finished mess. You made backups, right?)

7. Wait until MultiMacro tells you it's finished.

8. Review your documents as necessary to make sure the changes were made the way you wanted.