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Thank you for using MultiMacro for Microsoft Word!

Have you ever had a whole folder full of documents and needed to do something to all of them? Like insert page numbers? Or open each one and paste in a header? Or correct a misspelled address?

MultiMacro lets you do almost anything to all the documents in a folder without going through the laborious routine of opening a document, making the change, saving the document, closing the document, and going on to the next one. Suppose you've written a thirty-chapter book with each chapter in a separate document. Suddenly you realize you need to include page numbers in each chapter. Ordinarily you'd have to open each chapter and insert the page number. Now you can have MultiMacro do the job for you in seconds.

We strongly recommend that you try MultiMacro several times on a variety of test documents until you understand fully how it works and what it can do.

By using MultiMacro, you agree to the terms of agreement found at the end of this document.