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Planning Your Macros


As you create your macros, keep in mind what MultiMacro does, and the order in which it does it:

1. MultiMacro opens the first (alphabetically) document in the folder you specified.

2. MultiMacro runs the macros in their listed order on that document.

3. If the document has changed, MultiMacro saves it.

4. MultiMacro closes the document.

5. MultiMacro repeats steps 1 through 4 for each remaining document in the folder.


You'll need to plan your macros with great care, keeping these steps in mind. For example, if you open a document, close a document, or switch to a different document somewhere in one of your macros, you may cause problems for MultiMacro. Also, if you run into problems, remember that MultiMacro does exactly what you would do if you opened each document and ran each macro by hand. You can actually do it by hand if you need to see where problems are occurring, and you may need to change your macros to address those problems. MultiMacro doesn’t do anything to the documents but open them, run your macros, and save the documents.