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Microsoft Word for Publishing Professionals

Power-Packed Tips for Editors, Typesetters, Proofreaders, and Indexers

Microsoft Word for Publishing Professionals

If you’ve been reading Editorium Update for the past eight years, you’ve already seen a lot of the articles in this book. But you’ve never seen them like this. For the first time, all of the articles have been thoroughly organized by subject in a 632-page printed volume, with elegant typography, a table of contents, an index for easy reference, and a special section on using the articles with Microsoft Word 2007. In addition, if you buy the book, you'll find instructions inside on how to get a free copy in electronic form—a bookmarked, hyperlinked, searchable PDF for the times when you just need to find something fast.

If you want the nitty-gritty on macros, styles, templates, wildcards, customization features, and much, much more, here’s the reference you've been looking for. Full of specific, step-by-step examples that will take you far beyond the basics, this is a rich and detailed guide for anyone who wants to master Microsoft Word.

This book can be used with Word 97 through Word 2010—that is, any version later than Word 95. Want more details? You can download the table of contents here.

Unsolicited comments

“Some of the sharpest, most useful tidbits about Microsoft Word I’ve ever seen. Jack Lyon does a superb job of presenting expert-level instruction at a level almost any Word user can manage.” —Dan A. Wilson, The Editor’s Desktop

“This is not your usual ‘Ctrl+B will make characters bold’ stuff. This is serious information for people who regularly use Word to edit serious material.” —Tom Anderson, “Word Help for Professional Editors,” Sacra Blue.

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632 pages

7 by 10 inches

perfect bound (paperback)

1.3 inches thick

2.4 pounds

ISBN 978-143410-236-2

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