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Do you need to hyperlink note references to note numbers (and vice-versa) automatically? Now you can!

In Microsoft Word, thereís no easy way to create hyperlinks from endnote references to endnote numbers and back again. To do it, you must select the reference, create a bookmark for that reference, select the corresponding note number, create a bookmark for that number, create a hyperlink from the reference to the number, and create a hyperlink from the number to the reference. Then you must repeat the process for every note in your document. If you have only a few notes, thatís not such a big deal, but what if you have dozens or even hundreds? Thatís where NoteLinker comes in. It automatically creates bookmarks and hyperlinks for endnote references and endnote numbers. Hyperlinked notes can be very useful, especially if you are creating PDFs or ebooks for distribution.

Try NoteLinker free for 45 days!


Download NoteLinker for Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or 365.

Sorry, but no Mac version is available.

After downloading the program file, extract the setup file and run it. Then read the IndexLinker documentation, which youíll find on your desktop.


Is your evaluation period over? Register NoteLinker and make it run forever!

1 user: $29.95.
2-10 users: $19.95 each.
11-49 users: $18.95 each.
50+ users: $17.95 each.

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