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NoteStripper for Microsoft Word

NoteStripper strips Word's embedded, automatically-numbering notes as numbered text to the end of a document, replacing the automatic reference numbers with superscript numbers. It's a useful program for people who need to turn notes into actual text, perhaps to be imported into QuarkXPress or PageMaker. But that's not all; NoteStripper works the other way, too, turning plain-text notes into embedded, automatically-numbering ones, so you can edit notes without having to renumber them manually. Then, if you need to, you can turn them back into text notes before sending them off to the typesetter. NoteStripper also makes it possible to convert parenthetical notes to embedded ones and vice versa, and it provides a variety of other tools to make working with notes a snap. The program includes batch processing for all open documents or all documents in a directory. You can read the complete documentation by clicking here.

NoteStripper includes:

  1. The ability to strip notes to or from the ends of sections, rather than just to or from the end of a document.
  2. The ability to include tags around notes and to strip them inline for use in such typesetting programs as Corel Ventura, TeX, and fXT, with great flexibility in specifying tags and placement.
  3. The ability to turn inline, tagged notes into embedded notes.
  4. The use of Footnote Reference and Endnote Reference character styles (rather than just superscript) to format note numbers when stripping notes to text.

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Download NoteStripper for Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or 365.


Download NoteStripper for Microsoft Word 98, 2001, X, or 2004.

Sorry, but Word 2008 doesn't support macros or add-in programs. If you have a Macintosh and really need the most recent version of Word, you might consider running Windows and Word 2007 under Parallels Desktop.

After downloading the program file with your broadband connected computer, open it and drag the individual files it contains out to your computer desktop. Then open and read the Instructions file.

Notes to Text


Is your evaluation period over? Register NoteStripper and make it run forever!

1 user: $29.95.
2-10 users: $19.95 each.
11-49 users: $18.95 each.
50+ users: $17.95 each.
UPGRADE: $9.95 per user

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