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Applying New Word Spacing Locally


Most of the time you’ll probably use WordSetter to apply new word spacing on a document level for the paragraph styles you’ve used to format the document. If you need to apply word spacing for just a few words or sentences, however, you can do that, too. Just select the text you want to change. When you start the program, the list of styles and the option buttons will be unavailable (“grayed out”) in the Word Spacing dialog box, but you’ll still be able to select a new spacing size for the text you selected (you should avoid overlapping different styles and formats). When you’re finished, click the “OK” button to apply the new size to the text you selected.

Please note that this procedure does not apply a character style to the spaces in the selected text. Instead, it directly applies character spacing for the font used in the text you selected, overriding the spacing for the character style.

However, if you apply word spacing locally and later apply (not adjust) spacing on a document level, the local spacing will be replaced (and thus overridden) by spaces formatted with the character style. For that reason, I recommend that you apply word spacing for styles first and fine tune local spacing afterward.