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Checking and Adjusting Your Crop Marks


Warning: Before printing your whole document with the crop marks inserted, print a test page and then use a ruler to make sure the actual distance between the printed crop marks is right. Different computer printers may render the crop marks slightly differently, even though the positioning and measurements for the crop marks are set perfectly in Microsoft Word. You can adjust the marks manually, if you really need to, with the following procedure:

1. Open the header or footer that contains the crop mark you want to adjust.

2. Click the crop mark to display its black “handles.” (At this point you could delete the mark, if necessary, rather than go on to adjust it.)

3. Click the Format menu. Then click “Drawing Object.”

4. Adjust the mark’s attributes as needed in the dialog box.

5. Click the “OK” button to apply your changes.


Warning: Before spending thousands of dollars to have your document commercially printed, show a test page to your commercial printing representative to make sure the crop marks are right. Also, check your blueline proofs carefully for trim size, measurements, and so on before giving the go-ahead to your printer. Every computer setup, computer printer, printing press, and printing establishment is different, and the Editorium cannot be held responsible for inaccurate crop marks and measurements. Please be careful.