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Installing RazzmaTag


Before installing RazzmaTag, please make sure you have the right version of the program for your version of Microsoft Word. RazzmaTag is available for

• Word 6 and 7 (95).

• Word 8 and above (97 and above).


The version of RazzmaTag for one of these will not run correctly in the other, even though at first it may appear to. To check your version of Microsoft Word:

1. Click the Help menu item at the top of your Word window.

2. Click “About Microsoft Word.”


You’ll see the version of Word you are running at the top of the window that appears.

If you need a different version of RazzmaTag than the one you have now, please download it at before proceeding.

Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped (or unstuffed) the proper version of the program, you’ll see the RazzmaTag template, which is named RAZZMATAG.DOT. (If you need software to unzip or unstuff the program, you can download it from or