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What Documents Would You Like to Use?


You can run RazzmaTag on:

1. The first document after your master list. This is the document that would be active if you closed the list. Be careful to get the right document. Better yet, open only one document besides your list so you don’t accidentally run RazzmaTag on the wrong one.

2. All open documents but your list.

3. All documents in a folder.


If you want to use RazzmaTag on all the documents in a folder, first make sure only the documents you want it to work on are in the folder. Then you won’t inadvertently change, say, some press-ready documents that you have spent many hours editing and formatting. Show all documents (*.*) to be sure. In addition, make sure none of the documents is protected or read only. RazzmaTag runs the selected macro on the documents and then saves them. If the documents are protected or read only, RazzmaTag will not work.

If you would like RazzmaTag to work on all documents in a folder, use the dialog box to carefully select the folder. (Don’t get the wrong one!) Then click “OK.” I recommend using a new folder called “Copy” into which you copy your documents so that your original documents remain intact.

RazzmaTag turns off all automacros while it runs.