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Untagging Formatting


Now let’s say you’ve got a bunch of tagged text that you want to untag, turning the tags into formatting. The text you want to untag looks like this:

@Heading 3:Lorem ipsum dolor

@Body:Lorem ipsum <@Emphasis>dolor <@$p>sit amet, <I>consectetuer<I> adipiscing elit.


To continue with our previous example, you’d use these lines in your RazzmaTag master list:

\@Heading 3:(*)|Heading 3+p





That looks complicated, but to simplify it would mean limiting the program’s ability to turn any tags into formatting. I’ve opted to let you use RazzmaTag with the full power of Word’s wildcard searching. So you can fully understand the rest of this explanation, please read the document called “Advanced Searching in Microsoft Word,” which is included with your RazzmaTag files. It’s worth the effort, believe me.

Now, let’s dissect those lines.