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Tagging a Paragraph Style


The first line starts with Heading 3, which tells RazzmaTag the name of the style to find.

Next comes the pipe symbol (|), which separates the Find and Replace entries. You’ll find this symbol on a key near your Backspace key.

After that comes the Quark XPress Tag for the Quark style sheet, @Heading 3:

That’s followed by the “Find What Text” code, ^&, which tells Word to insert the text it found formatted with the Heading 3 style. Be sure to include this; if you don’t, Word will replace the Heading 3 text with nothing.

Finally, there’s a plus sign (+), which tells RazzmaTag you’re adding a code to tell it what to do, and the code itself, a capital P, which tells RazzmaTag to look for paragraph style formatting. Each entry (including the last) must end with a carriage return.

The second line, which tags Body style, follows the same pattern as the first, so we won’t analyze it here.