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Thank you for using RazzmaTag, and thank you for reading these instructions! They will help you immensely as you use the program, which is complex but powerful.

RazzmaTag is a universal tagging utility that finds formatting in Microsoft Word and marks it with typesetting tags for use in such programs as QuarkXPress, Ventura, PageMaker, TeX, or pretty much anything else. As an extremely simple example, RazzmaTag can find text in italics and mark it with italic tags, like this: <I>italics<I>. RazzmaTag can also do the reverse, finding tags and changing them to formatting in Microsoft Word, so if you have old proprietary typesetting files, you can now convert them to Microsoft Word documents. RazzmaTag can also find and tag special characters. For example, you could have it find em dashes—like these—and replace them with tags{M}like these{M}or whatever you need. RazzmaTag can do all of this in a single document, all open documents, or all documents in a folder.

Please note that in order to use RazzmaTag to tag a Word document for use in a typesetting (or other) program, you must first know the tags that your typesetting program uses. Since RazzmaTag is a universal tagger, it doesn’t know what tags you need, so you have to tell it. The documentation that came with your typesetting software should provide a list of all the tags you can use. In QuarkXPress, these are called XPress Tags. In PageMaker, they’re called PageMaker Tags. In Ventura, they’re just called tags.

I strongly recommend that you try RazzmaTag several times on a variety of test documents until you understand fully how it works and what it can do. I also insist that you back up your documents before using RazzmaTag at any time. Then you’ll have something to go back to if you’re not satisfied with the results. For important information on this topic, please see the section titled “How Would You Like to Save Your Documents?” below.

By using RazzmaTag, you agree to the Terms of Agreement found at the end of this document.