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Thank you for using QuarkConverter for Microsoft Word! QuarkConverter translates Microsoft Word documents into XPressTag files that can be imported into QuarkXPress almost automatically. You may find that it cuts your typesetting time and costs in half, especially when used with our FileCleaner and NoteStripper programs.

If you’re planning to use QuarkConverter with documents that contain Word’s automatically numbered footnotes or endnotes, you should first use NoteStripper to strip the notes out as text. Otherwise, QuarkConverter won’t convert your notes correctly for QuarkXPress. If you’re also going to use FileCleaner to clean up common typographical problems, you should run the programs in this order:

1. FileCleaner.

2. NoteStripper.

3. QuarkConverter.


If you’re using QuarkConverter, you can automatically run these three programs in their proper order by clicking the QuarkConverter menu and then clicking “Finish Edited Documents.”

I strongly recommend that you try QuarkConverter several times on a variety of test files until you understand fully how it works and what it can do. Also, before running QuarkConverter at any time, be sure to back up your files. That way, you'll have something to go back to if you're not satisfied with the results.

By using QuarkConverter, you accept the terms of agreement found at the end of this document. The first time you run QuarkConverter, the terms of agreement will appear on your screen. Please read them carefully. If you accept the terms, you will be able to use the program. If not, you will not be able to use it.