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Items to Pull


You can use Puller to make lists of various kinds of delimited items, including:

1. Items in angle brackets. This option is useful for creating lists of codes in marked-up documents, such as QuarkXPress tags and HTML codes.

2. Items in parentheses. Use this option to create a list of parenthetical source citations, which you can then use in checking consistency, creating a bibliography, and so on. Since Puller eliminates duplicate items, if you see what appear to be two identical items on the list, you can be sure that they’re different in some way. If you can figure out what that is, you’ve removed one more inconsistency from your manuscript.

3. Items in square brackets. I’m not sure what you might have in square brackets, but this option will pull them!

4. Other delimited items. Use this option to specify custom delimiters, such as braces, slashes, or pipe symbols.