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Copying Styles from a Template


You can use MegaReplacer just to copy all the styles from a specific template to your documents. To do so, follow the procedure for finding and replacing styles, as explained above. However, in the master list of the styles to find and replace, include just one entry that finds and replaces itself, for example:


Heading 1|Heading 1


When MegaReplacer asks if you want to apply a template, type in the template’s name. Hit ENTER or click OK.

MegaReplacer will copy the styles from the template you specified to all the documents you specified.

If you want to use a regular master list of styles to find and replace, you can still elect to copy the styles from a template as you do so. In fact, this is a useful technique to use if your documents don’t include a particular style that you want to use as a replacement. For example, if you wanted to replace a style named Subheading1 with a different style named Subheading2, but your documents don’t have a style named Subheading 2, you could copy the missing style from a template while running MegaReplacer on your master list of styles to find and replace.