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Thank you for using MegaReplacer!

MegaReplacer finds and replaces multiple text strings (characters, words, or phrases), text formatting (such as bold or italic), or styles (such as Heading 1) in multiple documents. It can also copy all the styles from a template into multiple documents. You can use MegaReplacer to do such things as replace common misspellings throughout a manuscript or change a character’s name in the chapters of a novel.

MegaReplacer is like dynamite: very powerful and thus very useful—and very dangerous if used carelessly, as it will make all the changes in all the documents exactly the way you tell it to. Use it at your own risk. I strongly recommend that you try MegaReplacer several times on a variety of test documents until you understand fully how it works and what it can do. I also recommend that you back up your documents before using MegaReplacer at any time. Then you’ll have something to go back to if you’re not satisfied with the results.

By using MegaReplacer, you agree to the Terms of Agreement found at the end of this document.