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Using the Editorial Style Sheet


Editor’s ToolKit includes a document template called STLSHEET.DOT, which should be in Word’s templates folder. You can use this template to create an editorial style sheet on which to record your editing decisions—unusual spellings, words to capitalize, and so on. To do so:

1. Under File, select New.

2. Click the STLSHEET template.

3. Click “OK.”


You can keep this new file open while you are editing and switch to it as needed to record your decisions. Then save it with the files for that job. Using an editorial style sheet is a good way to maintain consistency in editorial style throughout a manuscript.

Incidentally, if you find many inconsistencies in a manuscript, you may want to fix them by using the MegaReplacer program from the Editorium. MegaReplacer finds and replaces multiple words or phrases in multiple documents, all at one time. In addition, if you find yourself cleaning up lots of little things, like double spaces, improperly typed ellipses, ells used as ones, and so on, you may be interested in our FileCleaner program, which quickly and easily cleans up such typographical problems in the active document, all open documents, or all documents in a folder.