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Make Selection Title Case


Select the words you’d like to be in title case, then use this feature. The selected text will be placed in proper title case, with commonly used articles, prepositions, and conjunctions lowercased; other words uppercased; and first and last words uppercased. This is extremely useful if you’re working on a document with headings in all caps that need to be title case.

You’ll still need to review the text you change with this feature to make sure it’s capped the way you want it to be. Because of limitations on size and speed, the program can’t possibly take care of every word that should be lowercased.


• F9 with text selected

• Editor’s ToolKit menu, Make Selection Title Case

• Editor’s ToolKit 2 toolbar

Incidentally, if you need a heading to be all caps, LIKE THIS, you shouldn’t type it in all caps. Rather, you should make it title case and then format it as all caps in the style used with the heading. That way, if your design changes from all caps, the words will be in proper title case format with the modified style.

If you use “Make Selection Title Case” without making a selection, the current word will be capitalized.